Kit McKittrick

Meet Kit

Hello! My name is Kit McKittrick. I am an entrepreneur and a Life Cypherist. My career in business has spanned over 35 years spent by founding and operating start up companies of one type or another. I became very enamored with what W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne call in their book of the same name "Blue Ocean Strategy." I have started over 20 companies with many fitting a "Blue Ocean" profile. My personal definition of a "Blue Ocean Strategy" is developing a business model that has little or no direct competition and requires a new business description either because it is a game changer in an established industry or it is so radical that it qualifies as an entry as a new invention in business. 

I have an extensive background in business modeling
. The combination of my personal experience, research and this acquired taste for discovering outstanding business models led me to writing  The Georgetown Cypher which explores the most successful longest running "Blue Ocean" business model in history. I have four daughters and one grand daughter and live in South Florida.